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Eight ways I can make this year’s school assemblies unforgettable and hassle free.

1. engaging with smiles and laughter -- 

2. Grabbing Attention and then Maintaining Control of the audience--

3. Adjusting to Grade Level and Needs

4. Getting Them Involved

5. Easy to work with

6.  Effective programs with a proven track record

7. Guaranteed results--

8. Hold on to your money-- there are no deposits and no payments up front for my program. 

9.  Reduce the cost of a program


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Texas School Assemblies provides character education and science school assemblies for primary and elementary schools in Texas, using magic music and comedy to create a unique learning experience.

Hi, I'm Magician Rodney Rash, founder of Texas School Assemblies.  For years I have been providing outstanding educational programs throughout the United States.  However being based out of Austin, Texas, I have a real love for the programs I present in the Lone Star state.

Elementry School AssembliesAs you look through the website you will find programs based on Character Education that builds self-esteem, honesty, respect, responsibility and diligence.  I also offer programs that cover the problem of bullying complete with strategies to cope with bullies. In our science assembly we encourage students to think big, looking at the world through the eyes of a scientist, and understanding how science is a part of everyday life.

So, why Texas School Assemblies?  All my programs are research-based, and whenever possible, I've tried to follow Texas education standards for each program.  As an entertainer, I like to make every program fun and exciting for your students, but it's so much more than a magic show.  As an assembly presenter and educator, I'm committed to a standard of excellence in each presentation following the guideline of the five 5 E model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate) as an outline for the curriculum for my presentation.


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