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Eight ways I can make this year’s school assemblies unforgettable and hassle free.

1. engaging with smiles and laughter -- 

2. Grabbing Attention and then Maintaining Control of the audience--

3. Adjusting to Grade Level and Needs

4. Getting Them Involved

5. Easy to work with

6.  Effective programs with a proven track record

7. Guaranteed results--

8. Hold on to your money-- there are no deposits and no payments up front for my program. 

9.  Reduce the cost of a program


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2019 Summer library Show

The lost in space magic show

We have packed this year's show with tons of ‘get- involved’ magic tricks (because kids always want to be magician’s assistants) including anti-gravity boots, floating moon rocks, and crazy science experiments. Of course the show emphasizes the joy of reading and the importance of the library in our community.

I'm especially excited about this year's theme because it marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which is especially near and dear to me because my father was in charge of the computer room for the Apollo missions. I will include a special tribute and history lesson about the Apollo astronauts and some fun NASA artifacts from that era to share.

As always my programs feature tons of audience participation, no mileage fees, and ONE price- everything's included! There are deposits and I offer my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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