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Eight ways I can make this year’s school assemblies unforgettable and hassle free.

1. engaging with smiles and laughter -- 

2. Grabbing Attention and then Maintaining Control of the audience--

3. Adjusting to Grade Level and Needs

4. Getting Them Involved

5. Easy to work with

6.  Effective programs with a proven track record

7. Guaranteed results--

8. Hold on to your money-- there are no deposits and no payments up front for my program. 

9.  Reduce the cost of a program


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Inspiring students to find the magic of science in our world

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Inspire your kids to think about science. In our household we have always had a love for science.  I have three children and each child has an interest in a different field of science.  My oldest son loves chemistry, my middle son loves math architecture and design, while my youngest daughter has a love for nature and the natural sciences.

I’m a former engineer and my wife teaches Talented and Gifted math and we have always had a love for knowing how things work.  I think it’s a shame that most of the television programs that were geared to school-age children about science are now gone.  My personal hero in this field was Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Here was a man who by his own admission considered himself to be a nerd and yet he can make science so fun and cool.  This show always captivated its audiences, explaining science in a fun and exciting way.  Beakman’s World was another great program encouraging students to learn about science and explore the world. Even Jimmy Neutron encouraged kids to think like scientists and dream big about possibilities.

In my school assembly science program I try to bring the same kind of  fun energy that these other science shows brought to their programs, using off-the-wall science comedy and theater all mixed together. Why do I grow two legs, float in the air, dance disco and even get electrocuted during my show?  My goal is simply to get the students excited about science and looking at the world through a different pair of eyes- the eyes of a scientist.

Ways to get your children excited about science at home.

It’s important to remember that science is all around us.  Science can be as simple as a fascination with trying to figure out how things work.  Explaining simple concepts to your children as they grow such as why the water goes down the drain, why the leaves change color, and how things fly are simple processes that we take for granted.  However in the eyes of a child everything is still magical and unexplained. Take the time to listen to your children’s questions and explain to them how things work.  If you don’t know how something works this is a great opportunity to research the question together.

A quick observation from a child

When my oldest son, was about three we found a bird in the backyard that had died.  Through his understanding of the world my son Benjamin looked up and told me that the bird must’ve fallen from the sky because he filled up with gravity.

Rodney Rash
Lead Presenter Texas School Assemblies
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