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Eight ways I can make this year’s school assemblies unforgettable and hassle free.

1. engaging with smiles and laughter -- 

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3. Adjusting to Grade Level and Needs

4. Getting Them Involved

5. Easy to work with

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A School anti-bullying assembly program that your students will remember and love!

The Heroes Club is my anti-bullying assembly and anti-violence program for grades kindergarten through 5th that will engage your students in a fun and entertaining way using magic and comedy while delivering a powerful message to your students.

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This professional presentation will leave a lasting impact on your students and give them powerful tools to help remember and implement the message.
If you're a parent teacher or an administrator you're probably aware of the painful reality of school bullying. In the traditional sense of bullying, we think of someone who overpowers or uses violence against another. But as a parent and an educator, I understand bullying to be far more reaching than just physical violence. Today we recognize that the subject of bullying covers name-calling, cyber bullying, and exclusion.


So why is this program so powerful?

In this dynamic presentation, I capture your student’s attention with magic and keep them involved throughout the program with relevant stories andStudents get involved in Texas School assemblies illustrations. This program addresses the subject of bullying head-on, and teaches students valuable lessons on how to treat others with respect and kindness.

The program starts out by defining bullying.

Physical - of course physical confrontation such as hitting and pushing is the most intimidating form of bullying, and completely unacceptable by any standards.

Verbal - verbal bullying includes name-calling, racial and gender slurs. Also included (for older students) note passing, texting, and cyber bullying.

Exclusion - exclusion can be the most common yet unrecognized form of bullying. Leaving someone out or purposely excluding them from a group so they are not popular (or considered outcasts) is a form of bullying.

Bullying hurts everyone – My program emphasizes how bullying hurts everyone.

Strategies - I teach strategies for dealing with bullies and violence. These

strategies are applicable immediately after the assembly program.

Making sure the message sticks joining (The Heroes Club ©)

Magician Rodney Rash Sure you want a fun program, and of course you want it to be entertaining so your students will stay involved throughout the program. But how does a presenter assure the message will stick? I do this by making the assembly fun and entertaining with an easy to understand and remember message. At the end of the assembly I have all the students join the Heroes Club. We repeat a fun heroes pledge to join the club that summarizes all the points presented during the program.

The Heroes Club can complement your school’s existing program

This is the perfect assembly to be used with a school's existing bully program or this program can be implemented as a stand-alone school program. Students will leave the program with an understanding of what bullying is and what they can do to help prevent bullying.  The program emphasizes teamwork and having a sense of pride and community in our school.

Educational-not just Entertaining!students helping on stage durring school show.

As I'm sure you can imagine, all students love magic. My program is definitely fun -not boring, and everyone will have a great time at the assembly. However, I think it is important to say that this is just not a magic show. The magic used during the program is used to illustrate key points in a visual and fun way that students will remember long after I'm gone. The presentation is a carefully structured tool to teach students about bullying and consequences of their actions.

What grade levels is this program designed for?

This program is designed for grades Kinder through 5th. Because the school assembly program is presented to different grade levels, it is presented in a different way for each school level. Obviously a program presented for elementary students and primary students would be different for middle school students.


Commonly asked questions

Is the program different for each grade level?
I present the material differently for each grade level. As students get older they are presented with different challenges.

Do you have programs for Middle school students 6th through 8th?

Yes, I have a program called R.A.D. developed specifically for the middle school years. Middle school students face a unique set of bullying situations and peer pressure. In this program we discuss physical, verbal, and exclusion forms of bullying. We also cover advanced problems such as texting and cyber bullying.

How much does the program cost?
I understand schools sometimes have limited financial resources. The program cost varies depending on your location. I have many innovative ideas to help you reduce the cost of my program. Some schools have even received the program for free, using these innovative ideas.

How many students can be at each assembly?
I recommend that schools consider assemblies of 300 or less, when possible, for each assembly.

What does the school need to provide?
My shows are self-contained - I carry my own equipment including tables, PA systems, microphones etc. You have a school to run!  You don't need to worry about finding equipment for me. My program will be one of the easiest programs you have ever worked with.

How do we secure a date?
Contact me with the date of your program, and  I can let you know whether I am available.

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