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Eight ways I can make this year’s school assemblies unforgettable and hassle free.

1. engaging with smiles and laughter -- 

2. Grabbing Attention and then Maintaining Control of the audience--

3. Adjusting to Grade Level and Needs

4. Getting Them Involved

5. Easy to work with

6.  Effective programs with a proven track record

7. Guaranteed results--

8. Hold on to your money-- there are no deposits and no payments up front for my program. 

9.  Reduce the cost of a program


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"The Right Choices"

(Character Education School Assembly)

HeroThe Right Choices will plant seeds of confidence in students and help them to believe in themselves. The program encourages students to find their personal gifts and abilities, to think about and focus on who they are and what they can become. The program will challenge your students to take responsibility for their own lives and directions and to serve and lead in their school and communities, and finally to surround themselves with the appropriate mentors and role models to help them accelerate.

Why is this program so important?

Character education is at the core of the school’s culture that wants to foster and reinforce core values such as honesty, respect, responsibility and diligence.   This program emphasizes the 10 core character principles as outlined by the National Character Education Forum.  This program will help emphasize and reinforce the core values of any school involved in character education.

Key Points Covered In the Program


The magic and fun keeping your students involved
(All programs included)

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Ten Core Principles Of Character Education

Being accountable in your words and deeds. Having a sense of duty and developing reliability, dependability and commitment.

Pursuing worthy objectives with persistence and determination.

Showing understanding of others by treating them with kindness, compassion, generosity.

Demonstrating hard work controlling and a commitment to completing tasks.

being law abiding involved in your community and school and country.

telling the truth, admitting wrongdoing.  Holding yourself to a high standard of integrity.

Doing the right thing when faced with difficulty and following your conscience instead of the crowd.

Recognizing the uniqueness and value each and every person brings to society. Showing that all people have value.

demonstrating a high regard for authority, fellow students, and your community. Treating others as you want to be treated. 

Being honest, trustworthy. (

Hassle Free

1. engaging with smiles and laughter -- Assemblies offer special opportunities to teach a specific message outside of the classroom.  My personal philosophy is that these times of learning should be fun interactive and engaging.  You will be amazed as you watch Rodney hold the attention of several hundred students through the use of magic, stories, humor and audience participation.

2. Grabbing Attention and then Maintaining Control of the Audience -- School Assemblies are not for the fainthearted.  Not everyone can hold the attention of 600 students for 45 minutes!  My 20 years of experience and professional training allow me to present the message and remain in control of the audience.

3. Adjusting to Grade Level and Needs -- While I’m comfortable presenting one assembly for your entire school group, I understand that come schools are unable to fit their entire student body into a single area.  Therefore I have created multiple versions of each program and can adjust my program for different grade levels. 

4. Getting Them Involved -- Your students are actively involved during the assembly program.  Some segments involve the entire audience participating in structured ways from their seats and other segments involved on-stage helpers from the audience. 

5. Easy to work with -- I promise I will be one of the easiest speakers you have ever worked with.  My programs required no special setup. 

6.  Effective programs with a proven track record -- after years of performing and speaking to students, as well as corporate and association audiences I have earned an outstanding reputation among my peers and sponsors.  With numerous verifiable endorsements and recommendations from industry and school professionals, you can rest assured knowing I will present a professional impacting message.

7. Guaranteed results-- I guarantee you'll be thrilled with the program.  In fact I'm so confident that you will love my program, I have my tear-up-the-check policy.  If for any reason you're not satisfied with the program, you can tear up the check.  That's how confident I am you will love the program.

8. Hold on to your money-- there are no deposits and no payments up front for my program.  You hold on to the check… How else I would offer my tear up the check policy?  Writing and mailing deposit checks or paying for your presenter ahead of time is a hassle for your school PTO/PTA.  This will help relieve the worries of paying for a presenter ahead of time.

9.  Reduce the cost of a program-- Having a hard time finding the budget for a school assembly?  When you talk to me on the phone don't forget to ask about ways to reduce your program cost.  Some schools have eliminated the fee altogether.

How do we secure a date?
Contact me with the date of your program, and  I can let you know whether I am available.

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